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The Fascinating World Of Wild Bird Feeding

The birds at my balcony appear to be really impatient and sad. I was just back from a field trip and there was no food on the bird feeder kept on my balcony. While I had kept some grains on the feeder before leaving for field work, there was nothing there now. I cursed myself. There is a general saying: Once you start feeding birds, don’t stop. Why did I not think about the same before leaving for fieldwork? Did I really care about my birds? I hurriedly went to the kitchen and brought a fistful of grains to feed the impatient birds. After doing this, I retreated inside and started watching birds feeding on the mixture that I had just put on the feeder. The birds appeared to be happy now. And, most importantly, I was happy too.

I started feeding wild birds as a hobby and gradually this pastime became an integral part of my life. In fact, a number of us feed wild birds on a daily basis. But, have you ever wondered about the reasons behind this? Why do we feed birds? Are we doing this for our own pleasure? Or, are we helping birds by feeding them? And, does this feeding really help the birds? Are we not disturbing the ecosystem by feeding birds? Well! The birds were surviving before you started feeding them. They were not dependent on you. They were finding their own food. So, is this wild bird feeding impacting birds negatively too? Have you ever wondered about this negative aspect of wild bird feeding? To know the answers of these and a number of other related questions, you will have to read The Birds at My Table: Why We Feed Wild Birds and Why It Matters by Darryl Jones.

This book is a brilliantly written tale of wild bird feeding. You not only get to know a number of interesting facts related to wild bird feeding, but also an enormous amount of useful information about the same. Some of the implications of the wild bird feeding (discussed in this book) will shake your thinking cap really hard. According to Darryl Jones, wild bird feeding is not a simple issue. On the other hand, it is a complex one as feeding wild birds means different to different people. This book can be a source of enlightenment for people who care for birds and want to learn more about the implications of wild bird feeding. Different chapters in this book present a wide variety of contemporary studies related to wild bird feeding. After reading this book, you may feel surprised that there is so much scientific study on a subject that is generally considered as a pretty mundane topic.

Readers will certainly appreciate the research and amount of information given in this book. Certain portions of the book are lengthy and could have been reduced in length. However, this drawback is not an issue as research presented in this book is both captivating and enlightening.

Read this book to know more about the fascinating world of wild bird feeding.

Note: I would like to thank both Cornell University Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy in exchange of an honest review.

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