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Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships

Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships by Chaitanya Charan is a recent book that deals with the Ramayana, one of the two great epics of Indian mythology. Most of the Indians must have read and heard the stories from the Ramayana a number of times since their childhood. However, these stories still fascinate us. We still love to read about them. Consequently, a number of new books based on the Ramayana get published every year. However, writing a new book on this epic is not an easy task as the author has to write about the subject well-known to the public. And, Chaitanya Charan accomplishes this difficult task successfully. Chaitanya Charan, a life coach and monk, has researched ancient wisdom texts and practiced their teaching in a living yoga tradition. He shares his perspective of the Ramayana in an engaging manner in this book.

The book does not try to narrate the Ramayana one more time. The intention of the author here is to concentrate on its relevance today. The author has selected some incidents from the epic and presented them within the contexts of themes important for understanding the value of life and relationships. However, these selected incidents have been described in detail to provide proper contexts. Additionally, a summary of the Ramayana has been given as an appendix for the readers unfamiliar with this epic. Some of the themes covered in the book include judgmentality, harsh speech, anger, suspicion, and arrogance, etc. The purpose here is to teach life lessons from different characters’ situation, dispositions and actions.

I really loved the way the book has been written. While the book is a non-fiction, the book takes hold of you right at the beginning and you find it difficult to let your attention go until the end. The author definitely knows the tricks of hooking his readers. The writing is emotionally charged and will certainly hit the readers strongly. On top of that, the writing is simple. The author has presented the content in easily digestible bites. The sentences are simple and vocabulary is easily understandable. The author presents the text like a teacher, stopping the narrative a number of times to discuss a character’s moral action. The analysis is profound and thought-provoking. In addition to providing valuable lessons to the readers, the author has been successful in capturing the beauty of the epic in an inimitable manner. I thoroughly enjoyed this illuminating book.

Both the cover and blurb of the book are also great. The only fault that I could find in this book is the repetition of certain incidences from the Ramayana in the text. This could have been avoided or the same could have been presented in a different manner. However, this small fault can be ignored as the book as a whole is filled with some quality content. The book is not a one-time read and must be read several times to enjoy the beauty of this book.

Overall, the book is an engaging analysis of some of the incidents described in the Ramayana and you would love reading the same. The book will shake your thinking cap by offering a number of guidelines to build long-lasting relationships and lead a spiritually fulfilling life.

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