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The Girl Behind The Glass: A Dark Psychological Thriller

The Girl Behind The Glass by Sumit Pramanik is a dark psychological thriller. A good psychological thriller not only focuses on mental or emotional states of characters but also contains the elements of mystery and suspense. And, this is what we find in The Girl Behind The Glass. The book is brilliantly written and is definitely unputdownable. There are a number of surprising twists as the book tries to explore the darker side of human mind.

I am not going to highlight the plot in detail as it may act as a spoiler. However, there is no harm in giving the basic premise as it has already been given in the blurb. So, here it goes. Neelabh and Sakshi, a newly married couple, check in a hotel called Hotel Infinity. They check in under false names. They appear pretty tensed and desperate to take cover from some unknown pursuers. This Hotel Infinity is not a normal one. Something is really weird about this place. There is an atmosphere of fear and suspense. The staffs of this hotel are also weird. Even the guests who are staying at this hotel appear mysterious. An accident takes place some miles away from this hotel. The girl who was driving the vehicle is missing. The police investigation leads a police officer to this hotel and its residents. He comes to the hotel to question both the staff and the guests staying there. Neelabh and Sakshi get frightened after seeing the police officer. What is this couple hiding? What is going on in the hotel? Where is the victim of the accident? Is hotel some way or the other related to the accident? Do you want to know the answers of these questions? Well! You will have to read the book. I am definitely not going to spoil this beautifully crafted book.

The characters of this book are awesome. The readers get drawn into the lives of these characters. As is generally the case with most of the psychological thrillers, readers will find it difficult to differentiate between good characters and bad ones in this book too. The nature of almost every character is questioned at some time or other in the book. Readers will often wonder whether these characters are indeed as they appear in the book. There is a shroud of mystery around every character. Every character has a dark side. In other words, these characters play with ‘the reader’s mind’. The author certainly deserves my praises for sketching out such a wonderful cast of characters.

Writing a good psychological thriller is not an easy job. And, I am happy to say that Sumit Pramanik has successfully accomplished this difficult task with ease. He has been successful in keeping readers guessing about the nature of characters and placed dreadful developments at major parts in the story. This has helped him in maintaining a tension and thrill throughout the book. While I won’t say that he has ‘nailed the story’ perfectly, the book is chilling and leaves a good impression about the author.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and you can too. Pick up this book and start reading.

Note: I won this book in a giveaway contest organized by Goodreads.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Behind The Glass: A Dark Psychological Thriller

  1. I feel great that you loved the book, and thanks for this amazing review! I can’t believe you went to such depths to analyse the characters and the plot. Awesome. My best wishes for your blog.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your wishes and nice words for the review. To be frank, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and expressed my sincere opinion. Keep writing. I would definitely love to read more from you.


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