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Natasha Mehra Must Die: Book One of the Doomsday Trilogy

Natasha Mehra Must Die by Anand Sivakumaran is the first book of The Doomsday Trilogy. With a great combination of the elements of mystery, thrill and Indian mythology, the book takes you to a sensational reading ride. The pace of the plot is so fast that you will not stop reading until the last page. The fast-paced plot will make your heart race and your pulses jump. There are enough elements of the thrill to grip the readers in the gut. Readers will gasp for breaths at times. This book is a brilliant beginning of a new series. And, now, I cannot wait for the next part of the series.   

As the title of the book suggests, the book revolves around a girl named Natasha Mehra. The life of this girl turns upside down when she accidentally comes to know that every woman, girl, and child named Natasha Mehra are getting killed one by one. What Natasha does not know is that these murders are pre-planned acts hatched by an all-powerful secret organisation. There is a definite purpose behind these killings. This is the central plot and revealing anything further may be an act of spoiler. And, I do not want to spoil this book. I want you to go and pick up this book. So, if you want to know the purpose behind these killings, start reading the book.   

The book has a wonderful cast of characters. These characters are interesting, engaging and carry the story forward. Backstories of different characters have been done in an attention-grabbing manner and force the reader to dip in the story further.

The author has a unique writing style. He has used metaphors at a number of places to make the writing more interesting. While the book can easily be placed in the category of a gripping thriller, elements of humour have also been sprinkled at a number of places. These elements quite often bring the smile on your face. Almost all of the scenes in the book are well-written and readers experience the emotions of the scenes. Each scene reveals something new, and each scene has something to do with the main storyline. There is no stuff that has nothing to do with the central plot. A number of chapters in this book start with a scene right in the action and the reader finds himself into the middle of an action scene right away.   

The cover of this book is eye-catching and forces readers to take note of this book. The cover perfectly portrays the central theme of this book. Both the title and the blurb are also appealing and, in fact, were main reasons I picked up this book. The book ends on a high note. The climax is satisfactory but leaves good enough questions that will keep readers guessing.  The book is a thin one and you can finish it at one sitting. However, after reaching the end, you feel that some more pages could have been added to the book. The book definitely deserved a few more pages. Hopefully, the second volume of the series will be thicker than this slim volume.  

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