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The Girl from the Sea: A Psychological Thriller


I absolutely loved The Girl from the Sea by Shalini Boland. This is a real page-turner with lots of twists and turns. A real treat for readers who love to read thrillers. While the book will not chill you to the bone, you will definitely enjoy this thrilling ride. I was gripped by this one from the first page to the last. It was certainly a delightful read.  

This is the story of a girl who is found on a beach half drowned. She has no memory of herself. She doesn’t know how she got on this beach. Another woman who finds her lying in the sand gets her admitted to a hospital. She starts to receive treatment in the hospital but memories of her past still elude her. A man, claiming himself her boyfriend, appears on the scene. He tries to fill some of the blanks of her life. However, she doesn’t find any connection with this man. Is he really her boyfriend? She doesn’t know. He may be or may not be. Her mother and younger sister also appear on the scene but it seems that they despise her. She meets a number of other people but she recognizes no one and is unsure who can she trust. Will she regain her memories or her true past? And, how did she turn up on the beach? Was it an accident or was someone trying to kill her? Read the book to enjoy this exciting reading ride.

All the characters of this book have been fleshed out really well. These characters are believable and engaging. I especially liked the way the character of the central lead of this novel has been portrayed. As a confusing girl who is trying to learn about her past, her character has been sketched with some brilliance. The other quality of this book is its pace. It is steady-paced, neither fast nor slow, and this pace has been maintained throughout the book.  The plot is intense and dazzling, and you won’t get a chance to take a breather. And, I am sure that you will devour this book in one single sitting. Therefore, make sure you have enough time before you pick up this book. Once started, you will be glued to the pages. The writing is simple and flows with ease.

The cover of this book was the main reason I picked up this book. This cover really grabbed my attention. There is something in this cover that forced me to pick up the book. I even liked various tints of blue used in the colour. The ending of the book is brilliant. Though I was able to guess the twist coming at the end, I think the way it was executed was excellent.

In the end, I would like to say that the book under review is a well-written psychological thriller with a good story-line. While a bit predictable, it is an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes this type of book.   

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