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The Bogus Read

The Bogus Read by Divyaman is a political and social satire. The book blends criticism and humour to make a comment on the current political and social landscape of India. The book effectively addresses something that is happening in current India. Although the book is amusing and full of sarcasm, it successfully draws readers’ attention to a number of issues prevalent in present India. The book exhibits a variety of moods and tones with ample hilarious situations. However, while the comedy is delightful, the exaggeration blunts the edge of intended satire at times.

The book takes us to a faraway galaxy. In this galaxy, there is an inhabitable planet just like our earth. This planet also has two neighbouring nations – India and Pakistan. Since their independence, these two nations have always been hostile towards each other. After getting defeated by India in three different wars, Pakistan comes up with an ultimate plan. This plan involves attacking the minds of Indians. Pakistani government starts to manipulate Indian media (both print and visual), cinema and TV serials to reduce the IQ levels of Indians. Five engineering students start to notice these bizarre happenings in India and this unsettles them. These unusual goings-on do not sit well with them. They decide to find out the main cause behind these bizarre goings-on. The events that follow their quest make rest of the story. As you will find in this plot, Divyaman has a keen sense of observation.

The book has been successful in putting its finger on the very pulse of the nation that we live in today. The author brings in a number of contemporary events and well-known public figures into the plot. As we could relate to most of these characters, the reading experience automatically gets better. Consequently, the book not only helps readers in visualizing the events that are happening in the book, but also forces the readers to look at the world around them from a different lens. A laughing ride from beginning to end, the novel maintains a steady pace and makes it really difficult for the readers to put it down. The language of the book is simple and easy to comprehend but the dialogues could have been better. Some of the dialogues fall flat and the satire intended in these dialogues did not come out well. Deep and meaningful dialogues are clearly missing in the book.

The cover of The Bogus Read is an eye-catching one. It captures the contents of the book in a brilliant manner.

The book will definitely make you laugh, in addition to shaking your thinking cap. The fascinating things about this book are certainly the messages it carries. The book has a dual purpose. On the one hand it makes you laugh by taking you on a laughing ride. On the other, it makes you reflective by throwing light on many things that are so erroneous in our world. In other words, the book is both hilarious and introspective. Additionally, the book is a quick light read and will not require more than a few hours to get through.

All in all, the book is a light-hearted satire and will definitely tickle some of your funny bones.

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