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‘My Father Is A Hero’ by Nishant Kaushik: A Book Review

My Father Is A Hero by Nishant Kaushik is a delightful little story. The book is easy and quick to read. The book depicts a dad’s involvement in his daughter’s life, and how he supports his daughter’s self-image and boosts her self-esteem. In other words, the book under review tries to throw light on the lovely relationship between a father and his daughter. Without any doubt, this relationship is one of the most beautiful things in this world and is irreplaceable. So, does My Father Is A Hero successfully depicts this relationship? Let’s find out!

my-father-is-a-heroMy Father Is A Hero is the story of Vaibhav (a single parent) and his ten years old daughter Nisha. The story talks about their lives and how an incident changes it. Vaibhav treats his daughter with both love and respect. Vaibhav not only consistently encourages his daughter to do well in her life, but also finds enough time to listen to her thoughts on a regular basis. He takes an active interest in her hobbies. Being a single and working parent, these things sometimes prove quite demanding for him. However, he knows that his continuous participation in his daughter’s life is a crucial element in the development of his daughter’s self-esteem. When something happens to Nisha and all of a sudden she withdraws inside a shell, Vaibhav’s life turns upside down. The girl inexplicably starts losing her enthusiasm and passion into despair, gloom and isolation. Her negativity and angst make life difficult for Vaibhav. The rest of the story deals with Vaibhav’s attempts to bring his girl back to an existence loaded with dreams and joy.

You won’t feel disappointed after reading this book. However, do not expect a blockbuster plot with deep insights in this book. While the plot of this book is compact and neatly structured, the author does not appear to exploit fully the opportunity offered by the subject discussed in this book. The relationship between a single father and his daughter was certainly an appealing premise and could have been developed further. Additionally, I would have liked to read something about Nisha’s mother. Yes, we do get some of that but I expected to read more about her. I wanted more of her story. In a way, this is her story is as well as her character plays a very important part in the main plot.

Turning our attention to the characters of this book, the author has done an excellent portrayal of both father and daughter. These characters are believable and you can easily relate with both of these characters. Some of the scenes between Vaibhav and Nisha are really touching. I really liked Vaibhav’s character. The writing is straightforward and dialogues are short and sweet. While you may find this book to be slow going in the first half, the book picks up the much-needed pace in the second half of the book.

By and large, I liked reading this. Some parts of the book really resonate in your heart. Go for it if you love to read about father-daughter relationship.

3 stars rating

Note: I received a free copy of this book from in exchange of an honest review.

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