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Six Of Crows: A Page-Turner

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a tale that captures readers’ heart from the first page itself. Readers will be kept on their seats as they indulge in this page-turning fantasy. The book takes the readers into a breathtaking world. And, believe me, this world is amazing. There are a lot of details but everything is essential to the main plot. In fact, there is nothing in this book that can be called confusing or perplexing. There is nothing in this book that doesn’t connect to characters, plot and theme. Additionally, the story is well-written, full of action and captivating. Characters are unforgettable. In a nutshell, Leigh Bardugo has done an amazing job with Six of Crows.

six-of-crowsThe book can be compared to Ocean’s Eleven, a heist movie where 11 accomplices plan to rob three casinos in Las Vegas. In the book under review, we have six accomplices who plan to break into a heavily fortified prison to bring a prisoner out. These six accomplices include Kaj (a cold-hearted mastermind known as dirtyhands), Inej (a spy known as Wraith), Nina (a woman with magical powers), Matthias (a convict with a longing of vengeance), Jesper (a sharpshooter who loves to gamble), and Wylan (an escapee with a privileged past). As you can see, each one of these has a specific skill. These characters are not heroes. These are anti-heroes. These characters are faulty and quite often behave in mean ways. There is blood and villainy. While there are trust issues among these characters, they complement each other perfectly.

The story has been told from the point of view of five of six main characters (multiple points of view) and this is what makes this story an interesting one. These multiple points of views do not clutter and confuse the plotline. These also do not weaken each character by dividing the reader’s emotions. On the other hand, each point of view tells part of the same story in addition to making each character real. And, most importantly, the transitions from one point of view to another are one of the best I have read so far. There is no retelling of the same event and the story flows effortlessly.

As mentioned above, the book provides an engaging read. The story-line not only offers enough to keep readers guessing, but also keeps injecting a little tension on a regular basis. There are also a plenty of moments of comedy. These moments maintain an upbeat tone and bring a smile on your faces on a number of occasions. However, the lifeline of this book is the characterization. You fall in love with each of the six main characters of this book. If you ask me to pick a single one among these, I won’t be able to do that because all of them are my favorites. All of these characters are deep, intense and interesting. All of these have backstories and these backstories help the reader to know these characters in a much better way. You root for each one of these characters as the story progresses ahead.

The book under review is the first installment of Leigh Bardugo’s new young-adult fantasy series and I absolutely loved it. The book ends with a lot of questions and I have already started reading the next part of this series to know the answer of these questions. A must read for the lovers of young-adult fantasy.

4 stars rating

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11 thoughts on “Six Of Crows: A Page-Turner

  1. I have been seeing this book on all kinds of social media for a year now. I love the cover and many people have said its a great book. I am typically skeptical about YA and fantasy. But your review is making me want to read this one.

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