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‘COLOURFUL NOTIONS: THE ROADTRIPPERS 1.0’ by Mohit Goyal is a quick read about a road trip. This road trip takes you to 25 famous places of India. Some of these include forests of Jim Corbett Park, dry Rann of Kachchh, deserts of Rajasthan, Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, and famous Ghats of Haridwar, etc. The book is light, funny and has a touch of romance.

roadtrippersAs is common with road trip stories, the road trippers (Abhay, Sasha and Unnati) of this book encounter a number of unusual characters, eat a variety of foods, take photographs and movie clips on cameras, and experience a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events on the course of their journey. While you find glimpses of the places visited by the characters in the book, the major focus is on the personal lives of the characters. Abhay, one of the male protagonists of this novel, is a rich boy. However, he is not happy as ghosts from the past keep affecting him. Sasha, another male protagonist, is a foodie. He loves trying new cosines, restaurants, and so on. Unnati, Sasha’s girlfriend, craves for pampering. The story mainly revolves around the lives of these people, in addition to their adventurous road trip.

So, what is my overall impression of this book? Did I like the plot? Yes, the book certainly has an interesting plot. The book is realistic and thoroughly engaging. Did I like the characters? Yes. The characters were relatable and well-developed. In fact, the characters have been sketched with such a care that you will easily fall for them. I loved all three of the road trippers. The character of Abhay had so many layers and it was pleasure to see his character revealing himself. Though the character of Sasha felt weird at times with his obsession of food, these are the people you would love to hang out with. The secondary characters have also been treated well. I loved the way Mohit wrote dialogues in the book. The narration is good. Both the book cover and blurb leave an impression on you. Taken as whole, ‘COLOURFUL NOTIONS: THE ROADTRIPPERS 1.0’ is a solid debut novel.

So, why can’t I bring myself to give it more than three stars? Well! There were a few small things which could have been better. The book is certainly good but not great. It is funny but not hilariously funny. There is romance but this element could have been treated better. Additionally, I am not sure how to feel about the ending. This ending, to me, was slightly underwhelming. Furthermore, while the book is brilliantly planned, I would have liked to read more about the places the characters of this book visit.

Even though the book lacks a bit of depth, the book is an enjoyable read. What the book has is great characters and a funny road trip. Additionally, it is one of those books that you can easily finish in one sitting. So, pick this book up if you are looking for a fast, light read for a lazy winter day.

3 stars rating

Note: I received a free copy of this book from The Tales Pensieve  in exchange of an honest review.    

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