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You Will Fall In Love With This Spy Thriller

The Karachi Deception is another amazing book penned down by Shatrujeet Nath. The book, with a gripping narrative, is an excellent spy thriller. Unlike most examples of this genre, this book takes you on a hell of a ride. In fact, the book truly outshines all the spy thrillers I have read so far. The labyrinthine twists and turns of this thriller will not only keep you awake all night, but will also keep you at the edges of your seats. Every chapter ends with a sensation of an ‘exciting bit’ that is about to happen in the next chapter. And, these cliffhangers keep the readers turning the pages. Overall, the book offers you a complicated, rationally appealing, nuanced, multi-layered, twisty-turny and unique plot. On top of that, the writing is great and the characters are powerful.

the-karachi-deception The story revolves around Irshad Dilawar, India’s most wanted terrorist. He is hiding in Pakistan under the protection of Pakistan’s agency ISI. Indian agencies (RAW and IB) and Indian Army come together and make a plan to eliminate this threat forever. The responsibility of accomplishing this life-defying task falls on the shoulders of Major Imtiaz Ahmed, Captain Shamsheer and Lieutenant Rafiq Mahmood. This team of three Indian commandos secretly goes to Pakistan with one single aim of killing Irshad Dilawar. As the story develops further, it gradually becomes clear that there is something else entirely to this secret mission. The team of three members face setback after setback in the form of unprecedented revelations and betrayal. A shadowy figure is working behind the scenes. He is pulling strings and dropping just the right amount of crumbs to lead enemies making assumptions. I am not going to uncover anything further as I would prefer not to ruin the story for you. I want you to enjoy and appreciate every single moment of this wonderfully written book without anyone else’s input. What I would like to say, however, is that this book, with an intricate plot, will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Yes, Shatrujeet offers the readers everything they could wish for.

The writing is well-expressed and you sail the entire book without any hitch. The story moves in different parts of the world and Shatrujeet has done really well in describing these places. The description of different places shows both an immaculate research and a realistic story-telling skill. While dialogues bring the characters to life, it is the plot where the author excels. However, at the same time, there are certain parts in the book which you may find as unbelievable or unrealistic, and some readers may find it difficult to digest such things. For me, these are the parts that make this book a great book. To me, this is a novel that is stunning from multiple points of view and forces readers to contemplate what it is to win in a game where others lose.

The book under review sets the bar high for all the writers who are planning to write a spy thriller.

Go for it! Highly recommended!

4 stars rating

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