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When Thoughts Invade The Cancer Conqueror

The book I am going to review today is quite a different one. Written in the form of a fictional story, this is a real story of a real man. An inspiring tale of courage,When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror is a book that throws light on the real life experiences of a man who fought with bladder cancer and emerged as a triumphant hero. The book is written by S Nilakanta Siva, the said cancer survivor and his wife Rajalakshmi Siva. S Nilakanta was diagnosed with bladder cancer on the seventieth year of his life and this book captures his inner thoughts from the early stages of diagnosis to his recovery. While this book is about life, death and what lies in between, the book is a perfect symbol of the feat of the human spirit and courage.


As a reader, I think highly of this book for a number of reasons. This book not only inspires you to live and to fight, but also provides an unrelenting source of strength for those who are battling against cancer. The authors have tried to keep this book as realistic as possible. Though the book is not melodramatic, the story-line is an emotional roller-coaster. It is moving and inspiring but with a tinge of sadness in it. The tag line of the book ‘Solitary kidney and no lymph node, prostate, or bladder’ clearly illustrates this. This is a heart-felt tale of how a deadly disease can lead anyone to a new life and the struggles to survive. What cancer brought into the first author’s life were fear, pain, anger and utter desperation and it was certainly motivating to read how, with the assistance of his own courage and faith and with the help of people around him (his wife, sons and other relatives), the author managed to beat the same.


Now, let us turn our attention to the other aspects of the book. While the cover page may not appeal to some readers, this page justifies the contents of the book and you will also comprehend my justification after reading this book. The language is simple but full of medical terms and some readers may find it irritating. However, according to me, the presence of such terms was a necessity in the plot and could not have been avoided. The authors have incorporated selected poems at the end of some of the chapters. These poems add an extra charm to the main story-line. But, again, the same may feel distracting to some readers. The book is both a small-one and fast-paced, and you can finish it in a single sitting. While I find a potential of adding a few more pages in the book, the length of the book does not dilute its contents (the message it intends to give).

The book under review has been written with an aim to warn smokers of the consequences of their habit. I think a part from the earning of this book will also be used for promoting the awareness about the bladder cancer. This, in my opinion, is an act of great service by the authors of this book. Go for it! This book has something for everyone.

 3 stars rating

 You can buy this book on Amazon

Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review

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