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Book Review: ‘Let The Game Begin’ by Sandeep Sharma

Brilliant plot comes together with brilliant story-telling in Let The Game Begin to create one of the memorable thrillers I have read by an Indian author. Written by Sandeep Sharma, the book takes you on a thrilling ride filled with a number of twists and turns. The plot is captivating and the way the game of chess has been used in the story-line is certainly fascinating. The plot is masterfully created with a beautiful fusion of imaginative symbolism and technical knowledge. The story is a combination of some of the events happening in 2016 and events that took place long back in historical time. Consequently, the events in this book keep jumping between the past and the present. This process works well as it allows the reader to gain an understanding of ‘what happened in the past?’ and what is the relation of those past happening with the events that are taking place in present. In other words, the novel under review represents two stories woven into one with a number of interesting twists to create one page-turning story.

Let the Game BeginThe story revolves around two ancient kingdoms known as Chaturanga and Sarprakt. It tells us how the king of one kingdom conspired to demolish the king of the other kingdom. After a gap of almost 4000 years, the defeated king comes back to take revenge. A number of murders started to take place in the present day world. These serial killings and the pieces of chess left behind by the murderer shock the world. Is the king from the past really taking revenge or is there something more sinister? What is the connection of chess pieces with these murders? Is history repeating something that took place a long time back? Read the book to know answers of these intriguing questions.

The book is fast paced and will keep your attention from the first page till the end. The plot has been woven in such a way that readers will not lose their interest at any point of time. The characters have been sketched well and scenes have been created adroitly. One can see the efforts put by the author to create these scenes. The last thing I want to say about this book is the reason behind giving it three stars instead of four. This book definitely deserves solid four stars but the presence of too many typos and lack of good editing stopped me giving the same. Additionally, I also feel that there was a certain potential to add a few more pages in the book.

This is the second book by Sandeep. His first book hey Dad! meet my Mom was a joint venture with Leepi Agrawal. This romantic thriller, without a doubt, was an admirable first attempt by the authors. Now, with the book under review, Sandeep again leaves a good impression on readers.

Overall, the book is a brilliant work by Sandeep Sharma where the events continuously move between past to present and back again. The novel draws the readers into the complicated lives of some people of present time who are trying to make sense of some of the events happening around them. This book is a perfect read for the readers who love to read thrillers. The book ends with a promise of a sequel and I will be eagerly waiting for the same.

3 stars rating Buy this book on Amazon

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.  

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