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Book Review: ‘Breaking Free’ by Neha Nayak

Breaking Free is the debut novel of Neha Nayak and belongs to contemporary romance genre.  The central theme of the novel revolves around friendship and love. The book is a perfect mix of romance, humour and emotions. Though predictable at certain places, the book is small, light and easy to read. Writing is simple and the author has avoided wasting ink in writing lengthy descriptions. This book is what I would like to place in the category of ‘a simple travel read’. While you won’t find it amazing, the book is enjoyable enough to entertain you.

Breaking FreeThis is the story of Noya, who chooses to calls off her wedding on the day of the marriage and decides to travel on her own. On this journey, she meets Ranbir who seems to be present everywhere. Thinking Ranbir as a stalker or someone sent by her parents to keep an eye on her, Noya tries to avoid him. However, whenever she finds herself in trouble, Ranbir is always there to help her. Gradually a bond develops between them and they become friends soon. While Ranbir started to develop feelings for her, Noya has some different plans. What are these plans? Well! You will have to read the book to know the answer of this question. The only thing I can tell you that the ending of the book will surprise you. While reading the book, you will also get to know the internal conflicts of both Noya and Ranbir. These internal conflicts run parallel with the external conflicts of the main story-line and add a different beauty to the overall plot.

The character of Noya, one of the central leads of this novel, has been developed well. She is a strong female protagonist. However, she is not a one-dimensional character. By highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of Noya, the author has tried to make this character believable. In addition to the strengths of Noya, the worries, flaws and vulnerability of this character not only make this character convincing, but also make readers to develop a bond with her. The character of Noya also throws light on different shades of womanhood. The chemistry between Noya and Ranbir has also been portrayed adroitly. This chemistry takes the story forward smoothly. Though the story has been narrated mainly from Noya’s point of view, the inclusion of Ranbir’s point of view from time to time works well in the main story-line.

While the author has depicted both personal and situational conflicts in the story skillfully; the emotional scenes could have been improved though. Love stories are not just stories of love. On the other hand, these are also the stories about frustration, disillusionment, duplicity, healing, joy, and, ultimately hope. In other words, love represents a range of emotions and I think it is important to capture them all if you are writing a love story. Though we find these elements in the main story-line, these could have been certainly used more effectively.

Overall, it is a good read and will be liked by the readers who love to read contemporary romance.

3 stars ratingOrder your copy on Amazon

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.  

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