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Book Review: “Scarlet Nights” by Mayur Patel

Scarlet Nights by Mayur Patel is a riveting psycho-thriller and leaves you with a feeling of wanting more. The story starts slowly but soon pulls you in. The book tells you a heartbreaking, fascinating and absorbing story of a young and beautiful woman. The novel revolves around the life of Malvika, who is living both a successful and happy life. She has been running a successful business in Mumbai. She has also found the true love of her life and there are plans to take this relationship further in the form of a marriage. However, everything changes when Malvika meets Margrita. Her encounter with Margrita not only destroys her professional life, but also her personal life. Margrita knows some of the well-kept secrets of Malvika’s past and disclosure of these secrets will ruin Malvika’s life for sure. Will Malvika be able to escape from these insufferable circumstances inflicted upon her by Margrita? And, who is this Margrita and why is she trying to create trouble? Read the book to know the answers of these questions. The answers of these questions will take you to a world of intrigue and wonder.

Scarlet NightsScarlet Nights is a highly complex and many-sided work of art. However, there is simplicity in this complex work of art. In fact, Mayur should be complemented for handling the complexity of the plot so well. This work is imbued with depth and complexity, with sincerity and conviction, in depicting the internal turmoil of individuals in our society. The writing is simple but powerful enough to keep your attention. Plot twists are really good. While the story could have been more thoroughly dissected in terms of psychology, the story-line maintains a good pace and directly heads into the heart of the plot and these two things essentially makes up for the lack of psychological investigation. I also feel that some aspects of the plot were oversimplified or were made more dramatic but this also does not take away anything from the book and were probably necessary for making the story more gripping. Most importantly, the book forces you to get emotionally attached with the story-line.

The story of this book will baffle you, depress you, appall you, and seriously entertain you in the process. The prose we are referring here is dark but also beautiful. Two central characters of this book (Malvika and Margrita) are sketched beautifully. When you read about Malvika, your heart will go out for her. When you read about Margrita and her mannerism, your heart will burn with anger. However, your same heart will also root for Margrita in the end of the story. And, this is what makes this book a wonderful read. This delicately written story covers different dimensions of human feelings and you will definitely praise the author at the end.

A brilliant and engrossing read, Scarlet Nights will shake your thinking cap really hard. I think everybody should read this book just to understand how hard it becomes to live peacefully for some people even though it was not a fault of their own.   

4 stars rating

You can buy this book on Amazon and Flipkart

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.  

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