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Book Review: ‘’ by Vishal Bhatia

“” by Vishal Bhatia surprised me in a pleasant way. It is a sports-fiction and presents a cleverly woven tale with an interesting plot, fun-characters and a heart-warming message. The writing style is good and is laced with emotions and in-depth layering. The narrative is such that it will instantaneously arrest the minds of readers.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of it and found it really hard to put it down.


The story revolves around Jangsher Singh, a top junior tennis player of India. He nearly escapes from death when one of his meetings with his sweetheart takes a frightful grisly turn. This incident turns the life of Jangsher Singh forever. He will never again be the same. Several years later, a scarred Jangsher Singh participates in a Grand Slam tennis tournament in Melbourne. Jangsher’s progress in this tournament is not only important for him, his progress is also important for two bumbling guys from Sydney. These two clumsy guys are Yug and his cousin- Aman. The car they borrowed for their weekend adventure has fallen under the control of a brutish criminal, and Jangsher’s advancement in the tournament will play an important role in getting this car back. I am not going to tell you anything more because I don’t want to act as a spoiler.

One of the problems faced by authors writing sports fiction is pacing. This is especially true if the sport you are dealing with is lawn tennis. The authors cannot squander their ink in describing an entire tennis game as they are not writing a book on tennis. This is a work of fiction and, therefore, they have to accelerate and abridge the imperative minutes. At the same time, they also need to slow down, expand the action and let the game take up some more space in the book. The readers should be able to relate with the game described in the pages. They should be able to feel tension-filled moments. Most importantly, they should be able to cheer for the characters involved in the game. And, this is what we find in the book under review. The book is action-oriented, fast-paced and loaded with magical moments. As a tennis fan who loves to follow the game closely, I found the match descriptions and the development of the tournament in the book really exciting. The story is constantly on the move and you flow along with this action-filled story-line. The book pulls you in and forces you to read continuously.

One of the beauties of this book is its characters. They are drawn beautifully. They are multicolored. They depict the feats of physical strength and mental tenacity. The author has really done a good job in profiling different tennis player and should be praised for that. Additionally, while there are moments of triumph in the book, there are extreme moments of lonesomeness.  Furthermore, there are moments which bring a smile on your face.

Are you into reading books that involve sports? I will strongly suggest this book to you if your answer is yes. And, I am sure you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Not a fan of tennis? It doesn’t matter because this book is much more than a game of tennis.

4 stars rating

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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