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Book Review and Giveaway : You’ve Got The Wrong Girl

Book Review

You’ve Got The Wrong Girl by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu tries to deal with the issue of complicated relationships between men and women. While the book has romance at its centre, the story has been written from male’s point of view. Through this novel, the author has tried to project the urges, dreams and desires of a man called Dushyant. Author of a bestselling novel, Dushyant is in search of the next bestselling one. His first book was based on his real life story where he had one night stand with a mysterious girl. Now, his fans and publishers are not only eagerly waiting for his second book, but are also pressurizing him to come out with his second book fast. To write the second book, he needs to discover the mysterious girl first. The task is not an easy one as he does not even know the name of this girl. And, thus starts an interesting quest. And, this quest for an elusive girl forms the rest of the story-line. So, does he find the mysterious girl? Read the book to know the answer of this question.

You have got the wrong girlIn modern India, the relationship between man and woman has become greatly different from what it was in the past. With drastic changes in the socio-political scenario due to the advancement of education and economic independence, many women in India are undergoing extreme changes in bahaviour and are showing a very liberal attitude towards sex and sexuality, especially in metro cities. This less reserved outlook towards a physical relationship before and after marriage finds expression in two main female characters of this book. Through these two characters, Sreemoyee displays a compassionate understanding of women and their complex world with all the entanglements of human behavior. However, the centre lead of this book, without a doubt, is Dushyant. It is his story and he is the center of attraction in this novel. Though everyone is expecting another bestselling novel from Dushyant, finding out the mysterious girl is more important for him than writing the next chart-topping book. This, in a way, is finding out the real love for him. The turmoil going on in his mind has been depicted really well. His thoughts have been expressed realistically and you as a reader can feel the commotion going on inside his head.  His quest of finding the girl is both funny and entertaining.

The book is swift, ironic, humorous and flows with such an ease that keeps you turning the pages automatically. Characters evolve naturally and you get attached to them even before you know it. Most importantly, Kundu forces readers to treat her characters with dignity and respect. The language of the book is simple but effective. The book also has some great dialogues. In fact, the dialogues of this book make this book shine brilliantly. The cover of the book is great. The vibrant colours on the cover page, in a way, symbolize the content of the book, which is certainly a roller coaster ride. The blurb has been done well and catches the attention of the readers. Almost all the things in this book are great except the ending. The ending, according to me, could have been better.

Overall, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s this latest offering is compulsively readable.

4 stars rating


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Note: A free copy of this book was provided by Hachette India in exchange of an honest review


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