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Meet Prita Yadav, the author of ‘KLASS’

Dear readers, today we have Prita Yadav with us. A sports freak, she has represented the state of Maharashtra in the game of hockey. She also enjoys running marathons. Recently, she has come out with her maiden novel ‘KLASS’. This book is the story of love and hate, sharing and caring, jealousy and envy, passion and apathy, academics and intellect, and, most importantly of relationships. This is also the story of one’s struggle to achieve his/her dreams. The book takes you back to your school days and reminds you of your teachers, funny moments with your friends, terrible moments before exams, and so forth. You can read my review of this book here.

Dear Prita, first of all, I would like to welcome you here and thank you for giving your valuable time for this interview. I really appreciate that. So, let us start this interview by telling us something about you.

I am a sports enthusiast, passionate hockey player, maverick granddaughter, crazy friend and a never-say-die attitude runner.

What was that point in your life that you realized that being an author was no longer going to be just a dream but a career you were going to turn into reality?

When insomnia became my best friend as I was unable to sleep with the myriad thoughts running about the book in my head, I knew I had to finally pen the ideas down before I turn insane!

Prita Yadav 1Could you describe the mundane process of writing? Do you follow a regular routine?

At least for me, there is nothing mundane about writing and no regular routine. The moment I have chain of thoughts that don’t let me sleep, I make an outline of the story and start working on it.

What would you say is your interesting quirk that only happens when you are writing?

Whenever I sit for writing, I desperately wish that India has more sports school where students may excel and flourish under the guidance of like-minded people.

Was there anything surprising that you learned while writing your book?

I was honestly surprised to know that there were so many self-publishers in the market.

What, according to you, is a good story?

Anything that keeps me hooked and excites me to turn the pages.

Are there any occupational hazards of being a writer?

Writing cannot always be your bread and butter, not unless you’re a Chetan Bhagat or a Preeti Shenoy, so have a backup plan 🙂

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

The list is endless. Play hockey, run marathons, watch movies, read books, catch up with friends…and the list can go on and on. In fact, I never have time to get bored. I am always occupied.

Prita Yadav 2‘KLASS’ is your first book. What would you like your readers to know about this book in general?

In general, it is a book where nostalgia will hit you hard and you will be lost in the thoughts of your school days and will also recollect all those memories that were suppressed while growing up and trying to fit in life.

You have created so many characters in this book. Is there one particular character who speaks the loudest to you? Does any of these clamour to be heard over others?

The reason for so many characters in my book can be related to the fact that the story is about a school and not any other school, but a sports school. I personally feel all the characters are unique in their own way. However, the one character who stands apart from the crowd is Mr Kanchansingh Yadav. You really need to be passionate about something to challenge everything you have in life!

Did you do any kind of research for writing this book?

No, not really! It’s right from the heart. Though sometimes I do feel that I should have…but no regrets 🙂

What, according to you is the hardest part of writing?

It has to be MARKETING AND ADVERTSISING THE BOOK. If you think you have written a wonderful book and be content with it, then you will be disappointed. Today we live in a world where things sell on the basis of showcasing.

Prita Yadav 3Which part of writing do you enjoy most?

Imagination! Takes me to beautiful worlds and sometimes makes me feel powerful as I can make or break a fiction character’s life. Lol!

What kind of messages do you want to give through your works?

As I’m a fitness freak, my message to any age group people will always be to focus on fitness. As most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and with increase in various types of diseases in the last decade, I frankly feel a person should at least take out 24 minutes from his/her busy life and do some sort of workout, can be as simple as brisk walking or as complex as weight training.

Also, in our muddled, mundane world, we should never forget that one thing that lights up our face instantly – Our passion!

What question do you wish that someone would ask you about your works, but nobody has so far?

Do you need any financial help? LOL!!

Do you need a sponsor considering you write, play and run? 🙂

How do you manage it all?

What are your future plans?

Second book is in the editing phase and I’m eagerly and anxiously looking for publishers

I will eagerly wait for your second book. Do you have any suggestion to help others become better writers?

Never give up. There will be times when you will be bogged down but the secret is to always keep going and trust yourself and your instincts.

What do you think is the future of writing?

Future of writing will always be bright. The only thing that may change is people’s preference. They may prefer Kindle and e-books instead of age old physical copy.

Rapid Fire Questions

Favourite Colour:  RED

Favourite Cuisine:  Italian

Favourite Book:  Harry Potter series

Favourite Author:  Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling

Favourite Quote:  “After all this time? “Always!” said Snape

Favourite Movie:  Many… few that I can remember instantly are Bend it like Beckham and Chak de India!

Favourite Actor:  Amitabh Bacchan

Favourite Actress:  Priyanka Chopra

Dog or Cats:  Dogs

Light or Dark:  LIGHT

Tea or Coffee:  Milk 🙂

E-reader or Print book:  Print book

Ball point or Fountain pen: Ball point




“Jolene Jordan has been forced to join KLASS by her father and she dislikes the fact that she has to toe his line. She makes up her mind to be extremely rude, disobey the teachers and break all rules; so that she would be expelled from school and her father would be humiliated. For sometime Jo is the ‘Mind your own business’ girl and the bottom performer in her class until a sudden unfortunate twist in her life makes the girl change over a new leaf. The story revolves around Jo’s whirlwind journey through KLASS, her dilemma to choose a game as her MAJOR, her resolve to get thrown out of KLASS as a rebuke to her father and her struggle to overpower her notion to be friends with anyone at KLASS.”

Contact the Author

You can contact Prita Yadav on Twitter (@pritayadav), Facebook and Goodreads.

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