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Book Review: ‘Life Mantras’ by Subrata Roy Sahara

Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara is a non-fiction that throws light on the philosophies of life. Who does not know about Subrata Roy Sahara in India? The founder of Sahara India Parivar and a well-known name in India, Subrata Roy has been in Tihar Jail in connection with a long-running investor refund case for almost two years now. In fact, the book Life Mantras has been penned in Jail itself. However, this book is neither an autobiography of Subrata Roy nor a memoir of his life. At the same time, the information presented in this book is a product of author’s own life experiences. The author adroitly reveals the essential philosophies of life and shakes the readers’ thinking cap hard. The beauty of this book is that the author of this book is not pushing any theory or advocating any one particular point of view. On the other hand, he is just speaking his mind about the things which are essential for leading a happy life.

Life MantrasThe book is definitely inspirational and will help readers in various ways. The book might help readers in reviving their enthusiasm, finding their motivations and also inspire them to serve others. The book is not preachy at all as the author has included examples from real life. These examples actually help the readers to connect with the philosophical views expressed on the papers with ease. Additionally, these examples compel the readers to stay with the book till the end. Furthermore, the writing is informal in nature. It is much like listening to a man talking from a platform. There is even a question/answer section that structures the pith of what the author has partaken in the past pages.

The book is not a complex web of ideas. No, not at all! On the contrary, the book is simply a collection of those thoughts and ideas which the readers may already be aware of. The author just adds his own perception about these ideas and enriches readers’ existing knowledge of these ideas. In other words, the author compels the readers to see an existing idea through different lenses and these lenses, in turn, help the readers to see these ideas more clearly. Everything is simple in this book. The author has made an earnest attempt to keep the language simple and straightforward. By keeping the language simple, the author has also tried to reach as many people as possible.

Now, let us turn our attention to some of the drawbacks of this book. While the author has given a number of examples in this book, some of these examples represent just one side of the coin or one point of view. Inclusion of the other side of the coin or the other point of view would definitely have added some extra charm in the book under review. There are some sentences which make their appearance again and again in the book, and this may irritate some readers. The cover of the book also disappoints you and could have been much better.

Overall, this is a good book to simply comprehend the intricacies of the philosophies of life.

3 stars rating


Note: I received this book free from the publishers through


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