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The Demon Deception

Fantasy is one of the most loved genres of present times. While people love reading fantasy novels, writing a fantasy is not an easy job. On the other hand, it is tricky as the author has to create a world that not only draws the readers but also feels real. And, I am happy to say that Kirthi Kishore has done exactly that in his book The Demon Deception. This book contains almost all the elements of a successful fantasy novel and takes the readers on an adventurous journey that is filled not only with excitement and action, but also with mystery. Though the mystery unfolds slowly, it grabs the attention of the readers very soon.

The Demon DeceptionLet us turn our attention towards the story-line of this novel. A war took place between Gods and demons ten thousand years ago. This war resulted in the decimation of demons. The remaining demons went into hiding. However, these demons were not just hiding. They were waiting for the right moment to strike back. Now, after ten thousand years, the demons are ready to hit back. Mrutyu, the demon prince, is ready to announce a war on Prithu (an ancient domain of enchantment). In fact, the whole world is on the brink of destruction as this war has far-reaching consequences. In the beautiful city of Vishakhapatnam in India, Sharath is very close to his sixteenth birthday. Some peculiar and bad dreams are troubling him. His efforts to comprehend the meaning of these dreams lead him to discover his role in a war that threatens the existence of earth. What were these dreams? What role will he play in the war? Will demons be able to take revenge? Read the book to know the answers of these questions.

The book is a lengthy one but do not worry as the book is not filled with superfluous and boring information. Instead of filling the pages with unessential details, the author has provided the relevant information by placing it naturally into the scene without breaking the pace of the scene. However, this cannot be said for the entire book as first few chapters do not follow this pattern. The pacing of the first few chapters is slow and could have been managed in a much better way. The information provided in these chapters could have been dispensed in bits and pieces as has been done in the rest of the book. Beginning of any story play a vital role in its success as it is where a reader decides whether to keep reading or not. Therefore, the author should have paid a little more attention to the development of these chapters. However, this is a minor blemish and does not affect the book as a whole.

The characters of this book have been fleshed out well and look convincing. The book also has some non-human characters. As is the case with a number of fantasy novels, supernatural elements and magic play an important part in the novel under review too. There are supernatural weapons and objects. Turning our attention to the ending of this book, we can say that the book has an appropriate ending. While the main conflict of the present story-line gets resolved in the end, the book ends with a promise of a sequel. There are still some unresolved conflicts and I would love to see getting these resolved in the promised sequel.

Pick this book up if you are looking for an entertaining fantasy novel.

4 stars rating

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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5 thoughts on “The Demon Deception

  1. Another lovely book. It looks like the Indian book market is picking up in terms of fantasy. And about time too. I’ve been eyeing this because of the cover for a while and I’m glad you’ve given it such A good review since we have such similar tastes. Great review Pankaj.

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