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Book Review: ‘KLASS’ by Prita Yadav

KLASS by Prita Yadav is the story of love and hate, sharing and caring, jealousy and envy, passion and apathy, academics and intellect, and, most importantly of relationships. This is also the story of one’s struggle to achieve his/her dreams. The book takes you back to your school days and reminds you of your teachers, funny moments with your friends, terrible moments before exams, and so forth.


The story revolves around a girl Jolene Jordan (or Jo). She has been compelled to join ‘Khanchan Singh’s Lessons and Sports School’ (KLASS) by her father. Jo hates her father and despises the fact that she has to toe his line. The school, situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Lonavala, is well-known not only for academics but also for sports. While KLASS was a dream sports school for many, Jolene doesn’t like this school. She plans to act horridly so she will be sent home. She keeps on breaking the rules, breaking fights with other students in the school, and performing badly in studies. She doesn’t care about any punishment as she wants her father to get humiliated because of her. However, as the time passes, Jolene starts to like the school and also starts making friends. Nevertheless, she is still too proud to change her mind. Then something happens which changes everything for Jo. What was that? Read the book to know more.

The book has a large number of interesting characters and you take some time to get acquainted with all of these. Though some of these characters have been sketched well, some could have been developed further. Once you got to know the characters, you will really like them. There are characters that make you fall in love with them. And, there are characters that make you want to hit them hard. The character of Jolene Jordan, the main protagonist of this novel, has been depicted well and forces you to fall in love with her. While the character of this lead character has been depicted as having a number of flaws, this is what makes her character believable. I can envision being in her shoes and acting the same way she did. The portrayal of teachers has also been done well. The author has successfully given different personalities to different teachers – the lenient or soft-hearted, the strict and authoritative, and the friendly one.

The excitement and tension that prevail in a boarding school are authentically portrayed by the author. This novel is a buzzing world of boarding school’s students, their mischiefs, envies, anxieties, fears, wishes and wishful thoughts. The author evokes students’ psychology through an authentic presentation of the attitude towards studies and examinations of both the bright and the indifferent students. From time to time, the author brings out the wisdom of innocence in the students. While the description of the boarding school could have been better, the author has adroitly created mystery, action and tension in the story-line. There are several heart-warming moments in this book that will make your hearts melt.

There are certain things which could have been better in the book. For instance, the book cover is dull and uninteresting. A little more effort could have been given in writing the blurb. The story is much more than what have been described in the blurb.

Overall, Klass, a touching journey of a girl, is a brisk and simple read that pulls at the heartstrings in effective ways. The book was a really fun read and felt like a short vacation back to my childhood days. You will definitely love this book if you love reading boarding school stories.

3 stars rating

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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