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Book Review: ‘King of Hearts’ by Prassant Kevin

King of Hearts by Prassant Kevin is a romantic novel. The plot of the book rotates around two main characters – Ayan and Misha and their relationship with each other. However, there is nothing that you can call creative or something new. In fact, reading the book makes you feel that you have already read a story like this many times.

King of Hearts

Let us have a look on the main story-line. Ayan, an aspiring author, comes to Delhi to make a name for himself. His parents think that he is wasting his life by running after a foolish dream. His parents, on the other hand, want him to join their flourishing business. In Delhi, Ayan meets Misha and they become very good friends. After a struggle of two years, Ayan finally gets a chance to publish his first book. This book stuns the whole nation and Ayan becomes one of the bestselling authors of India. Now, he is the new heartthrob of India. However, life has some different plans for him and one day something happens which flips around his entire life. Misha leaves Ayan for eternity when he expresses his love to her. However, Ayan keeps writing and producing bestselling novels. Then life takes another turn when Ayan meets with an accident. What happens next? Does Misha come back to Ayan? Well! Read the book to know more. Basically, it is a normal love story with a couple of twists.

So, what is my opinion of this book? To be frank, the book disappoints you at multiple levels. The cover page is not only unappealing, but also has nothing to do with the main story-line. The characters are shallow and do not leave any impact on you. The author has completely failed to give personalities to different characters. As a result, readers fail to connect with the characters. In a book of such a length as this is, it is important to develop characters with proper care. Coming to the plot, the story has nothing new to offer. As seen above, the story-line is both flat and predictable. What to say about the language! The book is filled with too many grammatical errors. The dialogues have been constructed badly. The book has a number of emotional scenes. Sadly, none of these scenes evoke any sort of emotions in you. Readers cannot enjoy the book if they neither feel the pain of the characters nor feel joyous in their happiness. Can they? And, most importantly, the book is a romantic novel but you find that the elements of romance are completely missing in the plot.

While this book failed to leave any impression on me, I liked a couple of things in the book. I liked the names of main protagonists (Ayan and Misha) in this novel. I also liked the blurb, which is certainly attention-grabbing and attracts your attention. However, at the same time, I felt that the size of the font used for writing this blurb was too small to read.

2 stars rating

Note: I received my copy of ‘King of Hearts’ free from the author via Goodreads’ First Reads program.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘King of Hearts’ by Prassant Kevin

  1. This does sounds sad. The title had so much promise. There are so many bestsellers with a similar sounding title. I suppose hats a reason they chose this one. Isn’t this like the story of half our Bollywood movies? Just replace author with Don or businessman or superstar?!

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