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Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote

Ravi Subramanian, a banker turned author, is a well-known name in the Indian publishing industry. Known as ‘John Grisham of Banking’, Ravi has given us some excellent thrillers based on banking scenarios. Now, he has come up with his latest book The Bestseller She Wrote. While he is mainly known for his banking thrillers, this time the author has tried to take a shot on the genre of romantic thriller. Writing romantic thriller can be tricky as it not only requires a right blend of characters and story, but also a right balance of thrill and romance. Ravi Subramanian, for me, has successfully accomplished that in the book under review.

The Bestseller she wrote

The story of The Bestseller She Wrote revolves around Aditya Kapoor – one of the popular authors of contemporary India, a successful banker, a loving husband and an affectionate father. In such a young age of his life, he has achieved a lot. His books sell like hot cakes. His banking career is going upwards. Both his wife and son love him so much. Taken together, he has been living a happy and satisfying life. However, things started to change when he meets Shreya, a young management trainee from IIM Bengaluru. She is also an aspiring author and wants Aditya to help her in the publication of her first book. Their meetings become regular and the author starts to fall for this girl. From this point onwards, the story takes unexpected twists and turns and you keep turning the pages. I will not reveal anything further as it may act as a spoiler.

The strongest point of this book is its story-line. The story of this book is not only powerful, but also convincing. The author has given us all the elements which are essential for a good romantic thriller. While the first part of the book is a bit slow, the readers will not feel weary. The length of the chapters is short and keeps the interest rolling. In addition, there are a number of exciting moments which keep readers engrossed. Moreover, the second half of the book makes up for the slowness of the first half. The second half has been written superbly and forces you to keep your eyes glued on the pages. The nail-biting climax successfully concludes the book.

In this novel, Ravi Subramanian takes advantage of his knowledge of both banking and publishing sectors. His inside knowledge of both these sectors can be clearly seen in the book. The characters have been sketched well. They appear, evolve and gradually become vivid as the story move forward. In fact, the story arises directly from these characters’ lives. While the main protagonist of this novel has been depicted as a flawed character, he is still likable. At the same time, some readers may hate this character.

‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ is one of those captivating books where almost all elements work brilliantly in tandem. In other words, everything in this book come together to make it a great read. With this book, Ravi has certainly created a space for himself in my heart and I will now be eagerly looking forward to his future novels.

I highly recommend this book to the readers who love to read romantic thrillers.

4 stars rating

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