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Book Review: ‘The Rigveda Code’ by Rashmi Chendvankar

My Rating****

Books based on Indian mythologies are no more limited to comics now. Indian mythological tales are now getting both imaginative retellings and modern makeover. Books based on Indian myths are not only becoming popular among Indian readers, but are also selling like hot cakes. However, a review of available titles based on the Indian Epics and other mythological tales show that a number of these titles are not well-written. I feel that a number of these books do not manage to capture the true soul of the Indian myths. ‘The Rigveda Code’ by Rashmi Chendvankar can certainly be taken as an exception to that. This book not only captures the true soul of the Indian myths, but also provides you with a gripping storyline. While the author has used Mahabharata to develop the storyline of the book under review, the author beautifully manages to bring forth her own characters. These characters take the readers into their well-crafted world with a brilliantly woven plot.

The Rigveda Code

Right from its first page, ‘The Rigveda Code’ takes you into a magnificent world of adventure and romance; love and betrayal; and valour and weakness. And the book delivers beautifully on each of them. The book, as a whole, is simply impressive. Though you find references from the grand epic Mahabharata, the author makes sure that these references do not overwhelm her own plot, which has a beleaguered kingdom, kings and queens, faithful ministers, beautiful princess and a number of consecrated saints. The storyline has a technique that abstains from unnecessary sophistication. At the same time, the storyline is robustly pleasing to the eyes and keeps things ticking space. Rashmi Chendvankar took three years in writing this ambitious book and her efforts certainly haven’t gone in vain. The heart of the book lies in the simple thought that war is not the answer for each and everything. And, on occasions, good may be mightier than evil.

The author has woven a wonderful cast of characters. Meticulous attention has been given to develop these characters. Most of these characters shine on the pages. And, most importantly, these characters blend perfectly with the engaging storyline of the book. I am really impressed with the way the character of main protagonist Rikshavi has been dealt in the book. Different shades of her character come out in a brilliant manner. The narration of the story is fast paced and keeps your eyes glued to the pages. The climax is not an extra-ordinary one but ends the book in a satisfactory way. You certainly do not get let down by this ending. The intricate philosophies of the Rigveda have been integrated in the main storyline skillfully. These philosophies do not get in the way of the main storyline. On the other hand, these help in moving the storyline further.

The author has researched well as can be seen in the plot. With a unique approach, this book certainly impresses you on several fronts. This book certainly breaks the repetitiveness of the retellings of Indian mythologies and offers something new.

Go for it! You will not get disappointed.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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