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Book Review: ‘Bachelor’s Marriage’ by Akshat Pradeep Solanki

My Rating***

I will start this review by asking one question, “Why do we read books?” Well! The answer is simple. Isn’t it? Books take us away from our mundane life. Books introduce us to the characters we fall in love with. Books make us not only smile, but also cry. Books give us a chance to see the world from a different lens. And, most importantly, books entertain us in such a way that these become our best friends. I can go on and on like this. There are a number of factors that can be cited as a reason to pick up a book. However, at the same time, books are not movies, which can be watched without putting any effort. Reading of a book requires both time and effort from reader’s side. Therefore, choosing a good book to read becomes very important. We cannot read each and everything. Can we? The book you are going to read should be able to offer you something new. The content should have what we can call innovative. And, this is what we generally find missing in present day Indian novels. The book under review is another book where we do not find anything that can be called ‘out of box’ thinking. It is another love story where a guy falls in love with two girls.

Bachelor's marriage

‘Bachelor’s Marriage’ is the first novel of Akshat Pradeep Solanki, a 20 year old young author. Coming out with a novel in such a young age is really a commendable effort and should be appreciated. The plot of the book revolves around three central characters – Sujay, Gunjan and Jyoti and their relationships with each other. The story is the usual love story and the hint of the same is given above. However, as mentioned above, there is nothing that you can call innovative or something new. Reading the book makes you feel that you have already read a story like this many times. While the book throws a number of colourful characters in front of you, a number of these have not been delved deeply. A large part of the book is in the form of conversations among different characters. I felt that a number of these conversations do not contribute to the main story-line and could have been avoided. The story in any book should flow smoothly and conversations like these feel like obstructions. These obstructions, in turn, distract the attention of the readers.

While the language of the book can be taken as acceptable, one encounters a number of spelling errors. These errors could have been avoided by passing the book through another round of tight editing. The book is a romantic novel but you find that the elements of romance are lacking in the main story-line. Additionally, this is a love triangle. A love triangle should have been able to project the journey of your characters and their conflicts in a successful manner. And, this is what you find missing in this book. There is no doubt that romance is a vibrant and hugely popular genre fiction market. However, it is also virtually impossible to come out with an unbelievable new romantic story each and every time. But, every now and then, a romantic story comes which touches your heart. I can give you a number of such examples. So when writing a romantic novel, be adventurous, be different and above all be bold.

The author is certainly talented and I see a bright future for him. However, there is also a need of improvement. I do hope that the author will take the suggestions made here in good spirit and will come out with a much better book next time.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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