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Book Review: ‘Romantic Bouncers’ by Ram Vignesh

My Rating***

If you have had enough of sugary coated chic-lit romances and retellings of Indian mythologies (the books, which occupy majority of spaces in Indian book market now days), ‘Romantic Bouncers’ by Ram Vignesh will certainly be a refreshing read for you. As the title of the book suggests, this book has both cricket and romance at its core. However, this book is not a romantic novel. No, not at all! The story, in this novel, with its share of drama and action is a heart-warming tale of desire and despair. The thrilling component of the storyline keeps you glued to the pages.

Romantic Bouncers

The story revolves around Rabin Tagore, who like a number of other teenagers of his age wants to play cricket for India. Known by the name of Bouncy among his friends, Rabin is a talented bowler. One of the constant factors of his life is his deep love of cricket. Rabin sets out to realize his dream for playing cricket at international level. His journey is filled up with both all kinds of aids and hurdles in its path. In a strange terms of events, the life of Rabin crosses with that of vicious Hoariest Bung, who runs a drug cartel in Kolkata. Read the book to know more about this adventurous journey of Rabin.

‘Romantic Bouncers’ is a perfect title for this book. The cover of the book is great and pleases your eyes. This book, as a whole, is an easy and enjoyable read. Characters have been sketched well with enough backgrounds. Some of the characters are so likable that you will certainly fall for them. The plot is fast-paced and there are no slow spots. The story vacillates between past and present. However, such fluctuations do not affect the flow of the story. On the other hand, these add to the thriller component of the book. The dialogues flow smoothly. This book is certainly an enjoyable ride for cricket lovers as every now and then cricket jumps out from the pages. The author has used the theme of cricket brilliantly to develop a good story. In fact, the author should be applauded for bringing out the passion for cricket without indulging into the technical details of the same.

I would call myself an ardent cricket fan, though I haven’t played this game at all except at the school level with plastic ball. In fact, you can put me in the category of people who love to watch cricket with great enthusiasm. All this aside, I do like to both read books and watch movies based on sports. What I like in these books and movies is not only the depiction of passionate side of sportsmen, but also their emotional side. While this book has been successful in depicting the passionate side of a budding cricketer, the emotional scenes of the book could have been a bit better. I also think that the complex friction between Rabin and his father could have been translated much better in the book. The twist in the end of the story surprises you and will definitely be appreciated by the readers. However, I would have loved to get into the head of Hoariest Bung more to understand his psychological condition much better. However, these are my opinions and other readers may differ from me.

Cricket lovers will certainly enjoy this book. However, you don’t need to be an expert in the finer points of cricket to enjoy this book. This book has much more than cricket. There is something for everyone in the book. Go for it! you will not get disappointed.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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