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My 100th Post: A Landmark

The silence was finally broken by an exchange of words. “I think today will be the day I’ll open an account on and start my blog.” said one young man in a dark brown cap to another wearing a similar cap but in a different colour. “Well! It’s great news. You are finally entering the sphere of blogging. I wish you a great success.” replied the other. “Finally, you have decided to give wings to your dreams.” he continued with a genuine smile on his face. They were sitting in a restaurant sipping hot coffee. It was the month of November and days were cold. They were here since 8 am. For the past few days, this restaurant was their place to sit and pass time in the mornings.

The idea of starting a blog was, in fact, occupying his mind for a long time. Nevertheless, he was uncertain. He was fully aware that blogging requires both commitment and hard work. At the same time, blogging also require consistency in publishing posts. Therefore, he was not sure whether he would be able to do it successfully or not. Additionally, he was unsure about his writing skill. Thoughts like ‘Will people really read his posts?’ also troubled him continuously. However, it is difficult to stop a thought once the seed of the same start germinating in your mind. And, that’s what happened with him. The thoughts of starting a blog kept lingering in his mind. To end this suffering, he finally decided to start a blog and came out with his first post on 14th November 2013.

It was almost twenty months ago when he started this remarkable journey. Well! He did not get hits on his posts in the beginning but he kept writing. Though people did not comment on his posts in the beginning, he kept writing. While he was not consistent, he kept writing (in fact, he is still not consistent). As a result, he is publishing his 100th post today. It has been an amazing journey for him so far. Nonetheless, for him, publishing 100th post today is just to pass through a milestone in the road he is travelling. He has to cross through several such milestones in future and hopefully he will not take such a long time to cross another one.

Thank you all who have been reading, liking, commenting, sharing and hopefully enjoying his blog. Your love and support not only always encourage him but also give him strength to move ahead in this wonderful journey.

Now, he has already started moving ahead on the road towards another milestone. Be with him in his journey ahead.

Icing on the Cake: His blog has been visited more than 10,000 times so far.

32 thoughts on “My 100th Post: A Landmark

  1. Congratulations to you!! Your post gives me encouragement to keep blogging even though I feel as though often my thoughts just drift out into the void. All the very best to you in your blogging future!

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