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Chase of Choices

My Rating****

‘Choice’ is an act of choosing between two or more possibilities. The more choices people have, the more freedom they have. And, therefore, people love to have a variety of choices in front of them before choosing anything. The overwhelming success of a recently launched commercial ‘Aur Dikhao’ (show me more) by is a verification of this simple fact. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that now we live in the world of unlimited choices. However, now and then, we also make wrong choices and ultimately end up by making compromises. While some wrong choices don’t affect our life too much, some can be a life learning experiences. Consequently, we become familiar with the importance of ‘choice’ in our life and we start to choose exceptionally carefully. In a lot of ways, that’s what “Chase of Choices” by Hari Parameshwar is all about: how we make choices. The story in this novel takes us not only in the world of choices but also about their difficulties and meaning. This book was really a wonderful reading experience.

Chase of choices

The plot follows the life of Ravi, who is a divorcee and a father of two children. Now, Ravi, a sensible and intelligent person, has been thinking about marrying again and has developed a code of conduct for his marriage. He has a set of rules that will recognize the reality of his situation and direct him towards a solution. Enrolling into an online matrimonial site is a big step for him. He also has a finely textured idea of the future wife he is going to choose. He has spent a long time thinking not just about his present state of affairs but also about what the future might hold for him and his children. As a reader, we get a sense of the sort of future Ravi might be hoping for by searching a wife devoted to not only him but also to his children. His children are his precious jewels and their happiness is also imperative to him. And, hence starts a chase of choices.

The character of the main protagonist Ravi has been sketched well. In thinking about Ravi, readers may waver between acceptance and anger, and also between frustration and understanding. But, eventually, you will fall for this character. Well! That is what happened with me. Ravi’s choices express some other, more surprising feelings. There is anger, sadness, understanding and all the rest of it. However, most importantly, there is also a thirst for rebellion, a certain desire for risk, and even a smidgen of relief. And, that is why; you fall in love with this character. You become merry in his happy moments and become sad in his moments of pain. At the same time, you still ask yourself, “Why did he make such a choice?” Simultaneously you also realize that lots of people do it and this is the ultimate reality of life. You will also struck by the ways the stories of four different women develop in the book. The author takes four different stories from four different points of views and places them together in the main storyline beautifully. The individuality of four women has been maintained brilliantly.

I really admire the philosophical aspects of this novel and the ways in which these philosophies are interwoven in the main storyline. The book in the end leaves you with lingering thoughts of marriage and true relationships. We all need a true companion in our life and, therefore, we all chase for a good one and this chase will keep going on and on until our so called human race is satisfied with love and companionship.

Go for it. It is an amazing reading journey. You will thoroughly enjoy it.

Note: I received a free copy of this book from Dr. Hari Parameshwar in exchange of an honest review.

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