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Mithra by Sahana L: A Book Review

My Rating****

‘Mithra’ by Sahana L. is a beautiful read. The book gives you a pleasure, which you feel after watching a well-directed movie. Though there is nothing new in the storyline, the way the story is presented is not only refreshing but also leaves a certain imprint in your heart. Hats off to the author for weaving such a beautiful narration! The author certainly has a way to take you in to the sphere of her characters and you keep turning the pages once you enter in this land. And, most importantly, you relish each and every page of this book.


An invigorating read, the book takes you to the world of Veera (a woman warrior), Dhruva (a male warrior) and Shaurya (a ruthless and charming prince). These are the three main characters of the book and surely leave a long lasting impression in your heart. You live with these characters, enjoy their moments of happiness and feel sad when they are in pain. You keep thinking about them even after the book is finished. Each of these characters has his/her own distinct individuality.

The chemistry between Veera and Dhruva has been depicted beautifully. And, Sentences like the following ones add a sure charm to this chemistry.

“She didn’t let out a cry so that he wouldn’t know how painful it was for her. Yet he is enduring more pain for her!” (P. 290)

“How can you love a person to an extent where you no longer differentiate between yourself and the one you love?” (P. 290)

It is not a story of the present-day world. On the other hand, it is the story of kings, queens, princes and princesses. At the same time, this is also the story of many unknown warriors who sacrifice their life for their king gallantly and selflessly.

The book also raises questions about war, which is all about death and loss. While history speaks about the kings and their conquests, what about those soldiers who got killed in these wars? In fact, the victory always takes the name of the king who in reality has done nothing in the war. Is there anything glorious about these wars? So, why men are always eager to fight when they gain nothing from it? The same set of questions applies to the present-day world also. Most of the present nations are involved in some or other sort of confrontations. They are fighting wars against each other. The methods are changed though.

I will not disclose the storyline as it will kill the enjoyment you will have once you start reading this book. However, I think, I have given you enough hints about the storyline. Didn’t I?

On the negative side, the book has a number of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, which could have definitely been avoided by the aid of tight editing. However, these do not lessen the impact of the narration and you keep flowing with the storyline. The book ends with a promise of a sequel and I will eagerly wait for the next book.

Note: The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve’s reviewers network.

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