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Book Review: Project S.A.I. by Srinivasa Gopal

My Rating**

Project S.A.I. by Srinivasa Gopal is a small book of 86 pages. This is a debut work of the author and is published by Frog books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. While it is a story of two brothers, the story revolves around a device that allows a person to have conversation with the dead. The story starts well but soon losses the grip. A potential plot fails to leave any impression on the reader.

Project S.A.I.

The story is set in South India and the author has been successful in depicting the South Indian lifestyle. However, this is the only thing which impresses you in this book. Though the use of local terms will appeal to South Indian readers, readers from other regions may find it difficult to understand these terms.

The characters have been sketched well but you feel that there were too many characters for such a small story. To me, the story could have been developed well with a lesser number of characters. Additionally, the story runs in such a fast pace that it does not give you enough time and space to attach with even a single character. Consequently, not even a single character touches your heart. A few more pages could have been added to develop at least the main protagonists.

The story also fails to evoke any sort of emotion neither in your heart nor in your mind. Even the scenes leading to the tragedy fails to arouse sympathy among the readers. You just keep reading the book and soon realise that it is finished. A little more effort in developing the crucial scenes in the book would not only have made book more interesting and gripping but also appealing. There are no twists and turns. The narration is also inconsistent.

The cover of the book is well made except the teddy bear which seems out of place.

I expect the author to revisit the story and develop it further. The story definitely has enough potential to develop it into a very good thriller. However, this version of the story does not thrill you at all.

Note: I received my copy of this book free via Goodreads’ First Reads program.

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