Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’ Page is Launched

Dear readers, on 1st February 2015, I told you that I am embarking upon an interesting but difficult reading journey titled ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’. I also told you that I am going to create a separate page for this challenge on my blog. I am really delighted to tell you all that today ‘The Bibulous Bibliobiuli’ launches its official ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’ page. I visited the official information website for Agatha Christie and collected information on all the books/short stories Christie wrote during her life time. The details of Agatha Christie books that I will be reading as part of my ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’ have been listed on this page. In addition to all the murder mysteries and short stories, this list also includes six romance novels written by Agatha Christie under the pseudonym of ‘Mary Westmacott’, two non-fiction books written under the name of ‘Agatha Christie Mallowan’, one autobiography and some selected biographies. Additionally, I have also included ‘Monogram Murders’ by Sophie Hannah, which is a recent attempt to bring Hercule Poirot back into the picture. So, you see, the number of books that I am going to read is not small. This challenge is definitely going to take some time to finish. However, if completed successfully, this challenge is going to be a pretty exciting achievement of both mine and this blog.

Agatha Christie Reading Challange final

Kindly have a look on this page and leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

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