Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge

Fellow bloggers often ask me, “Don’t you love reading challenges, and if yes, then why don’t you take part in such challenges?” I know that I do love reading challenges. And, I also do want to participate in such challenges. At the same time, I also doubt whether I will be able to complete these challenges or not. However, I have finally decided to keep my doubts aside and to plunge into a challenge. So, readers get ready. It’s the first ‘Reading Challenge’ on ‘The Bibulous Bibliobiuli’, and it is going to be great.

Agatha Christie Reading Challange final

The challenge that I am going to take is ‘Agatha Christie Reading Challenge’. In fact, I had been planning to take this challenge for a long time. Today I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and commit. I am reading Christie’s book on a regular basis and thought to do it in an organized fashion. Agatha Christie is known throughout the world as the Mystery Queen. Her books still outsell the competition. I visited the official information website for Agatha Christie and collected information on all the books/short stories Christie wrote during her life time. I am going to create a separate page for this challenge on my blog. I will soon come out with more information related to this page. Additionally, I am also going to create a Pinterest Board for this reading challenge. This challenge is not going to be anything formal. I am not placing any time period to complete it. Every so often, I’ll go ahead and read an Agatha Christie book and record my thoughts. I am also not reading Christie’s book in order of their publication. The aim is to read each and every work of Agatha Christie.

However, this challenge will not confine to only reading and reviewing Christie’s books. On the other hand, this challenge will try to explore the multifaceted personality of Agatha Christie. This challenge, in a way, will try to explore Agatha not only as a writer but also as a person. Through this challenge, I will try to learn about her development as a writer, development of her characters, and so on. Christie is often accused of snobbery, of insensitivity, of racial and class stereotyping. During the course of this challenge, we will see whether these criticisms are valid or not.

I’ve never done a challenge like this before so we’ll see how it goes! Well, I am keeping my fingers cross.


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