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Book Review: The Latin Version by Steve Daley

My Rating****

“It’s a light read and well written. It is fun, fast and kept me involved throughout. Loved the unique style of narration.”

‘The Latin Version’ (A Jake Turner Novel) by Steve Daley is a fast-paced entertaining thriller. The book is easy to read and keeps you hooked till the end. You can finish the entire book in one sitting. I finished the book in a couple of hours (in one single go). I liked the way the author generates curiosity and keeps the readers guessing. To be frank, if I don’t like the first few pages, I try really hard to like the rest of the pages, but if a book cannot capture my interest, then forget it!!! But, I really liked it. It’s really good!!

The Latin Version(Image taken from )

The author has adopted a unique style to narrate the scenes in the book. According to author, it could be referred to as Cine-novel or maybe the Movel (a combination of ‘movie’ and ‘novel’). Whatever it is, I am pleased to say that this form has received favour from me. This new approach exhibits both freshness and a distinctive appeal. It certainly makes reading interesting and this is what a good reader really craves for. The author should be complemented for bringing this inventiveness in fiction writing. On top of that, the author seems to successfully avoid shaping this story simply to present sentimental caricatures of love or joy or of frustration which is the bane of modern popular fiction. He, in a way, thus has been able to save this novel from a widespread weakness prevalent in the modern fiction world.

Writer Steve Daley is in top form in this suspense thriller. ‘The Latin Version’ is the story of Phoenix private investigator Jake Turner and his associate Tim Nolan, who accidently find themselves at odds with a Latino kingpin (a fugitive drug lord). In addition, there is an alluring but mysterious woman and a lethal revenge plot. The plot of the book is fascinating and can be easily developed into a good commercial movie. In this beautifully written book, the author not only glues your eyes to the pages of the book, he subtly draws you into a vortex of emotions.

All the characters have been developed very well. The characters bring life to the story especially the main protagonist-Jake Turner. You will certainly fall for him. Style of narration is the icing on the cake. Readers feel as the story in unfolding in front of their eyes. This is one of those books you enjoy but you cannot point to the one thing about them that makes them so spectacular.

What makes ‘The Latin Version’ tick is the searing honesty with which the story is told. It is a thriller with unpredictable and shocking plot twists. A really good treat in store for the readers who love to read thrillers. Go for it. I would highly recommend it.

(I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.)

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