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‘Awaken The Leader In You’ by Mitesh and Indu Khatri

My Rating: ***
Many people think that leadership is a quality that people are born with. But, is it really true? Is leadership actually an innate quality? You are mistaken if you are going to say ‘Yes’ because ‘believing leadership as an innate quality’ is a ‘good-looking myth’. ‘Awaken the Leader in You’ by Mitesh and Indu Khatri tries to destroy this myth in a systematic manner. For the authors of this book, all people are born with infinite potential for becoming an extraordinary leader. This book tries to make you recognize that infinite potential or in other words – motivates you to awaken the hidden leader within you. This book is not some kind of a rule book. On the other hand, it is a beautiful compilation of inspiring leadership stories and simple-to-apply strategies.

Awaken the leader in you

The book is published by Jaico books, the publication house famous for publishing ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. This publication house is known for producing a number of good self-help books and this book is not an exception. Mitesh Khatri, one of the authors of the book under review, is a sought-after international leadership trainer and motivational speaker. He is also a fire-walk expert. In addition, he is the founder of Guiding Light Consultants (GLC), which helps individuals and organizations transform ordinary individuals into leaders and entrepreneurs. He has used all his professional experience for making this book a valuable read. According to him, becoming an extraordinary leader depends mainly on one’s mindset. He does not consider that leaders are different from other people. He illustrates it with beautifully written examples and emphasizes on the fact that every ordinary person can become a surprising leader. This book is not only for those who aspire to become a good leader. On the other hand, this book can also be a good read for anyone who is in position to influence people in any way. For instance, this could be a good book for teachers as these are the people who can influence the lives of many students in a positive manner.

However, I found some of the chapters to be longer than necessary, and not all of the chapters very helpful in regard to giving concrete direction. That said, the authors have written this book for a reason, and they deliver some good reminders to those of us seeking to be good leaders to the folks we’ve been blessed to have on our staffs and in our organizations. The book has lots of great information on the traits and skills needed to be successful leader. There are some excellent guidelines, which are easier to follow. The book is easy to read and forces you to think hard. The book can find a permanent place in your bookshelf for quick reference.

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