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Life is a Pack of 52 Cards

My Rating: ***

Do people really need ‘reminders’ to keep them awake, to help them stay alert about how they live and to make them question about certain aspects of their life? The simple answer to all these questions is probably ‘yes’ because sometimes we get so bogged down in our life that we stop asking these types of questions. Then a book like ‘Life is a Pack of 52 Cards’ comes along and forces us to ask these questions all over again. Books, like this one, are generally those books which contain important information that we already know but needed to be reminded of.

Life is a pack of 52 cards

Sumit Jain’s ‘Life is a Pack of 52 Cards’ is an inspirational collection of some of the needed principles for a life filled with joy and peace. The book is divided into 52 chapters with each chapter having a message at the end. The chapters are concise and short, and do not embody dry theoretical and philosophical ramblings. On the other hand, the chapters are easy to follow, inspiring and very well presented. The author strongly believes in the power of quotes as each chapter ends with a quote by the famous people. These quotes not only present the deep and meaningful message contained in the chapter in an enjoyable manner but also allow for a lot of ‘food for thought’. Additionally, the author has used very simple examples in the form of interesting stories to convey the messages. These examples make an interesting read and certainly leave certain impression on the readers. For me, this made the life lessons perpetuated throughout the book much easier to digest. These are supposedly germane to various cultures, times and locations.

Now, to be frank, I am not a person who reads books like these. In fact, I have gone out of my way to avoid such books in the past. I am a person, who always tries to learn from his own life experiences. While I do actually agree with most of what is being said in this book, I think all people should seek to recognize their own faults and become happy with them. That being said, I have no problem if someone who is truly interested in analysing and improving himself/herself in a thoughtful and spiritual way go and read this book. At the end, I felt that ‘Life is a Pack of 52 Cards’ was a good read, and would be a great introduction to the self-help/inspirational genre. It eases readers into the genre with its simple but clutching narratives, yet keeps the lessons envisioned vibrant enough that they don’t get lost in the actual story telling. I would definitely recommend it for those interested.

The author of this book has pledged to donate all proceeds from the sale of this book to ‘Being Human foundation’, which is dedicated to educating the underprivileged kids and undertaking healthcare measures for them. It is a nice gesture from the author as such contributions to the society are not only the need of the day but actually symbolize the life one should live.

(Disclosure: I won this book in Goodreads First Reads contest)

2 thoughts on “Life is a Pack of 52 Cards

  1. Thanks so much Pankaj. Knowing that you enjoyed reading it, made me happy. By the way, my new book is about to be launched. So be ready to review once again.

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