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A Cute Little Mystery


My Rating: ***

52 Steps to Murder’ by Steve Demaree is a cute cozy mystery that features two middle aged sleuths (Lt. Cy Dekker and Sgt. Lou Murdock). Both of these have their own eccentric behaviours which quite often brings smile on your face. As a matter of fact, this book made me laugh so hard on many occasions. Both of these also love food and scorn exercise. While some readers may get tired of reading the narratives of their meals, I have no problem with these descriptions as these accounts not only add humour to the book but also tell us a lot about these characters. In fact, this is what makes these characters convincing when it comes to human nature. Nobody in this world is perfect and very single human being has some or other form of weaknesses.

The mystery was not bad and the story line was interesting. The book has no profanity, graphic violence, or sex which makes it a comfortable book to read especially for those who loathe the overuse of those things. The language is okay and the characters are easy to follow. Readers may not only like detectives but also their long time working relationship. There are also a number of references to old movies and TV shows, and readers may feel good about reading them if they have watched the same in the past. The musings about the awful neighbour could have been avoided since these musings add nothing new to the story. Actually this whole neighbour thing really gets on reader’s nerves.

This is certainly a good book to read and relax in peaceful evenings. However, do not compare it with great mysteries of Christie’s and other novelists because you will get disappointed. This book has its own charm and one should read only for that. This is the first Steve Demaree book I have read and will certainly read more in future.

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