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Murder on the Orient Express

My Rating: *****

Murder on the Orient Express‘ by Agatha Christie is one of the best mysteries I have ever read. Christie is on the top of her game here. I read this book for the first time a long time back (do not remember exactly when) and, it was there when my love with Agatha Christie’s novels started.

The Murder on the orient

The most important part of a murder mystery is the ending, and any murder story can be placed in an Okay type of story if it doesn’t end well. And, what an ending this book has. Christie places all the clues in front of you, and you made a fool of yourself by believing that you have guessed the killer, and you say in a joyous manner, “It was so simple”. But wait, here comes the end and you pull your hair after finding out that you were wrong. You were wrong because the woman who wrote this novel is shrewder than you. You were wrong because you were not picking up the small details given in the book. And you were wrong because you never thought……..(read the book to know). However, you end up just saying, “Wow”. This book is a perfect illustration of how a perfect murder is crafted. This is a book which grabs your attention with an interesting setup and keeps you hooked till the end with curiosity. In other words, this book is simply entertaining to the last sentence.

Hercule Poirot, the well-known Belgian sleuth of Christie, is amazingly brilliant in this novel. His little grey cells get a real work out here and, most importantly, readers get a chance to join in on his mystifications. He painstakingly pieces together all the clues to crack one of Christie’s most ingenious murders. There are a number of other beautifully woven characters. While this large cast of characters (belonging to different nationalities) makes you to take a little time to become familiar with everyone, you start to love each of them once you get acquainted with them. Each character is unique and contributes to the excitement of the novel.

The book has a unique style of developing the story. The book is organised into three different sections. The first section introduces the characters and also the crime. The evidence of every character is presented in the second section and the case is solved in the third section. The way these different sections are dealt is quite fascinating.

A must read for anyone who loves reading murder mysteries but have not read this one so far. It is a worth read for those also who do not like murder mysteries. I will just say: GO AND READ IT. Why are you waiting?

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