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Review of ’39 Ways To Not Kill Your Best Friend: Tales of Caution For Dog Lovers’ by Dr. Judith Samson-French

39 ways
My Rating (*****)

Dogs are considered as human’s best friend. Many of us share our lives with these beautiful creatures. While these animals were domesticated for a different reason, their roles in the society have changed considerably. With over 400 breeds currently recognised, the domestic dog has been an unassuming accomplice in possibly the most convoluted and extensive genetic experiments ever take. Each of these breeds owes its existence to artificial selection by man and exhibits considerable differences both in behaviour and physiology. Today, dogs are found in every region of the world that is inhabited by man and it is hard to assess their overall usefulness and economic importance.

While many of us cannot imagine our lives without our dog, many of us also do not know much about our four-legged friends. This often leads to inadvertently compromising their health, safety and even life. The book under review brings such issues into the light and therefore is an essential read for all dog owners. The author invites readers to a busy veterinary hospital and tackles various issues related to the health of our beloved pet. Some of the issues that have been tackled in the book are:
How to avoid deadly encounters among multiple dogs
Which household liquid to keep away from your dog
How a collar can be deadly for a dog
What medical errors dog owners should avoid
What to avoid when adopting a dog
Why one should absolutely not allow his/her dog any fatty leftovers
Complications of greyhound racing

The topics listed above are just few examples. The stories that fill the pages of this book are beautifully written and often brings lump into the readers’ throats. These stories are true stories and provide a reality check for the dog owners. However, these stories also give enough space to learn from them. By reading about these dogs, people may get empower to protect their own dogs from a similar fate.

39 Ways To Not Kill Your Best Friend: Tales of Caution For Dog Lovers by Dr. Judith Samson-French is an extraordinarily good book and a must read for every person who loves dogs. The author of this book is an internationally renowned veterinary surgeon and researcher. The intellectual debate given in this book is written in a lucid language and very easy to follow.

This book is a reality check that dog lovers cannot afford to miss. Hats off to the author for bringing out such a beautiful book to read!(This book was provided to me by Sarah Miniaci in exchange for an honest review through NetGalley)

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