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Review of ‘A Reunion with Death’ by Sheila Connolly


My Rating (***)
I was delighted to get my hands on this book as I had heard so much praise about Sheila Connolly’s work. However, this book failed me to impress and I was just left unsatisfied. I did not find any mystery in this work, forget about the twists. Firstly, a good mystery makes readers to hook into it. Secondly, it should be fast paced. Thirdly and most importantly, a good mystery forces reader to judge different characters, suspect these characters, and then change his/her mind about the main culprit. I didn’t find any of these in this novel. I did not suspect anybody throughout the book, I never blamed anybody, and never had any leading ideas as to who it might have been because I didn’t sense like I was trying to solve this crime. The characters were not developed in a way as they should have been developed.

Despite all the weaknesses mentioned above, the book has something that will appeal to readers. The narrative style is beautiful. The readers get to see different places through writer’s eyes. The concept was good. Some of the dialogues are terrific and some of the scenes are memorable.

I am reading the author’s work for the first time. I have recently read so many mysteries and crime thrillers and, therefore, I guess I judged the book under review along those lines.

(This book was provided to me by NetGalley, through the courtesy of Beyond the Page Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.)

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