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Book Review: ‘Aspen Allegations’ by Lisa Shea

Aspen AllegationsMy Rating (****)

Aspen Allegations by Lisa Shea is the first in a series of mystery novels set in Sutton Massachusetts. This is winner of the 2013 IPPY Gold Medal for Best Regional E-Book.

The thrilling adventure of the main protagonists, Morgan and Jason, to uncover the mystery of death of John begins when Morgan encountered a dead body in the shadowy depths of Sutton Woods. Their quest to unravel the mystery is anchored by a terrific chemistry between them. Things from the past starts to surface as Morgan and Jason delve deep into the mystery. The reader remains spellbound and keeps reading the book.

Lisa juggles a number of characters, each with a uniquely rounded personality and varied level of likeability, which gives a realistic scope and portrayal to the story. Readers are introduced to these different characters in the book in a certain order. These are given enough backgrounds. This not only helps to understand each of these characters but also maintains an absolute tension in the story (and curiosity among readers) that can be felt throughout the book.

However, this book is not simply a murder mystery. There is romance, which touches one’s heart. There are birds, which chirp in reader’s ears. There are frogs, which go to hibernation. There are common scents of food, which make it very difficult to read the book with a half-empty stomach. There is cold, which one can feel while reading the book. And, there is a tragic accident which ripped apart a group of four close friends.

I was, however, a little dissatisfied with the end. The end felt rushed. I really felt that the story deserved a more dramatic ending.

This is my first Lisa Shea book and I don’t think it will be my last because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. While the book lacked pace in certain portions, I never lost interest. I kept thinking about it, even when I was at work!! I will, therefore, without any reservation, recommend Aspen Allegations to anyone looking for a solid mystery and cozy-romance.

(I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review)

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