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Review of “Why didn’t they ask Evans” by Agatha Christie

Why Didnt they Ask Evans

My Rating (**)

I really liked the beginning of this book. Finding of a dying man by Bobby (the son of a Vicar) at the foot of a cliff and dying man’s last puzzling words – “Why didn’t they ask Evans?”. Then there is an attempt to murder Bobby. And then there is Booby and Frankie’s quest to find out the murderer. This genuinely kept me interested in reading the book. However, the rest of the book (especially the last few chapters) failed to meet my expectations. At most of the time, the book was rather predictable. While there are a number of unexpected surprises and clues, these are easier to catch if one pays attention to details. There are a lot of odd or unusual things in the book that requires explanation. For instance, why did the Bassington-ffrenches have a picture of Moira in their house? The eleventh-hour rescue by Badger was really ridiculous. It seems that Badger was included in the book only to rescue the protagonists (Bobby and Frankie) at the end. The character of Carstairs could have been developed more.

Despite all the weaknesses mentioned above, the book has something that will appeal to readers. It is fast paced and easy to read. The chemistry between Bobby and Frankie is wonderfully portrayed. Anybody can fall in love with the character of Frankie. She is independent, charming and ready to take risks. I wonder why Bobby and Frankie do not feature in other mysteries of Agatha. The book also has some lighter moments which certainly brings smile on one’s face.

To put it in a humble manner, this is not what one generally expects from Christie’s mysteries. This is from a person who generally love the way Agatha Christie’s books unravel the mysteries.

And, what about Evans? Well…they finally asked Evans!

3 thoughts on “Review of “Why didn’t they ask Evans” by Agatha Christie

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  2. I forgot about the weird Badger rescue. That was a bit odd. From what I knew of him as a character, I didn’t think Badger was capable of something like that.
    The Bassington-ffrench’s had a photo of Moira? That is weird.

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